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Why us?

What makes Catware different from other legal automation solution providers? And more importantly, what will you gain with us?

Enjoy personalized solutions that were designed to reflect your legal business

Unlike a pre-made solution, Catware serves as an extension of your internal IT team. This means that every aspect of your legal automation is built from the ground up with your specific business requirements and established business processes in mind.

The numbers speak for themselves

Catware’s custom development service is based on the time and materials business model. In simpler words, your firm only pays for the time our engineers spend developing the software. You pay once the work is done, reviewed, and accepted.
Moreover, our reliance on open-source programming languages and frameworks means that there are no hidden costs.
This combination offers a significantly higher return on investment over time if compared to monthly or annual service fees.
On average, an associate spends at least 6 hours per week on repetitive tasks & data entry
The average lawyer spends 14.5 hours per week on administrative tasks
The average employee spends 2 hours a week for consolidating & analyzing forms data
On average, lawyers and associates spends 5-8 hours a week searching & gathering information

Your estimated Cost Savings (ROI) per year

Note: Catware can save 70% of the time spent on repetitive tasks & data entry, consolidating & analyzing forms data, searching for vital info in emails & files and tracking tasks & projects manually.
Total Savings = ( No. of employees * 0.7 * ( hours spent on repetitive task & data entry + tracking tasks & projects manually + report generation & analytics + searching for vital info in emails & files ) * 52 weeks * ( avg.hourly wage/employee in USD ) ) – cost of development
  • Catware managed to scale from one solution architect to a highly professional team of six engineers that perfectly fit VERA project needs in less than a month. They have thoroughly treated security risks, and the onboarding process for a complex legacy project went smoothly. Catware is a team of professionals who completely understand business requirements and execute the technical requirements with total competence.
    Espen Eckbo Brinker
    Head of department of Digitization, ICT and Documentation in Norwegian Civil Affairs Authority
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  • I enjoyed my cooperation with Catware. They were fast to deliver their solution and the pricing was reasonable. But most importantly, I was impressed with the team's proactive approach.
    Torulf Henriksen
    CTO, Partner at Storyline
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