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Save time, boost team morale, and improve customer satisfaction with automated solutions designed exclusively for your law firm with Catware

  • Win A custom, customer-centric approach
  • Win You own 100% of the product
  • Win A much higher ROI without vendor lock-in

Why Catware?

Full-cycle development

Our services include full-cycle development of legal automation solutions such as custom document templates, Big Data analytics, ML-based search algorithm integration and e-Discovery – all of which are designed around your law firm and the business processes that you’ve polished throughout the years. We don’t introduce change for the sake of disruption or innovation – we enhance what you’ve built through clever use of technology.

Enhancements to your existing software ecosystem

A lot of our clients are relying on existing SaaS solutions that have already proven themselves on the market. That said, a lot of them often lack the flexibility and scalability law firms are looking for. That’s where we come in.

Catware’s engineers will fine-tune, tweak, and even rework the technologies you are using in a way that reflects the needs of your business to a T without disrupting daily activities.

Talanted Team

Founded in 2017 by a group of passionate and talented IT experts, Catware would not have been the company it is today without a reliable backbone of engineers, solution architects, business analysts, and corporate development managers.

What once started as an idea is now a viable way of offering law firms effective and scalable means of giving lawyers the tools to focus on billable hours thanks to the expertise of these seasoned industry veterans.