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Element logic eOperator

  • Client Element Logic
  • Project Element logic eOperator
  • Scope Our client needed a solution for a logistics center to improve space usage, optimize energy consumption, reduce maintenance costs, and increase overall warehouse efficiency
  • Result We offered smart and effective solutions to integrate the innovations as one unit that can function automatically without human intervention

Scope of work

We have implemented the integration of three solutions into one system that optimizes warehouse management. Our efforts resulted in a modern, modular solution that integrates automated warehouse and robotic picking technology for automated order fulfillment. The system is designed to properly respond to exceptional cases

System Integration

We had successfully integrated different products that are already on market into an automotive, extendable, autonomous solution:

  • Autostore: controls automotive warehouse
  • eManager: keeps track of products in stock (ERP)
  • eController: material flow control ( conveyor belts)
  • RightHand: robotic piece picking solution (robot arm)

Microservice Architecture

The system was created around the event-driven engine and a bunch of microservice adapters for each part of the solution that makes the solution manageable, extendable, and easy to deploy, monitor, and maintain across various platforms.

Using the latest tech stack (.Net, docker, Kubernetes, React) allows for reaching high performance standards required for this kind of system. 

The microservice architecture allows us to easily add even more resources if needed.

Observability and Maintainability

We’ve achieved considerable maintainability – the system is easy to modify, maintain and update. We have implemented a structural logging system based on the SEQ engine and DataDog solution that provides almost limitless possibilities to monitor the system’s actual state and retrieve knowledge and insights from data that the system provided almost at real-time speed. The data can be accessed from the cloud.

Innovative Approach

A clear, simple, and intuitive UI interface helps to operate the system in an easy and natural way. The system handles a lot of working issues automatically. The modular structure allows for adding new functionality without interrupting the working process. The whole system is able to work hours without human interactions, therefore, providing a whole new level of automation for modern warehouse solutions.

  • Icon React
  • Icon Kubernetes
  • Icon Docker
  • Icon Azure


The cooperation was favorable and resulted in the creation of a production-ready system built upon event-driven architecture and a microservice approach, that allows for a fast and easy solution modifying and utilizing all the benefits of using docker-based infrastructure and cloud hosting.

Catware helped us to integrate several innovative systems as one smoothly functioning unit for warehouse optimization so all the processes run seamlessly and unexpected issues can be easily and quickly solved. The installation of the logistics center allows for saving space, optimizing energy consumption, reducing costs, and increasing overall warehouse efficiency. Special attention was paid to sudden problems that may come up and lead to failures. The task was to make sure they can be eliminated without interrupting the workflow. The Catware team proved to be true experts with extensive experience. They came up with ingenious and effective solutions for the final result to completely match our needs and requirements.
Tommy Kristoffersen
Software product manager
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