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We help organizations develop custom software, support tech teams, and improve legacy systems
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We focus on IT so you can focus on your business

Bad tech can kill a thriving business and drown a vibrant team. We make sure this never happens to you. Catware brings flexible and fast analysis and development teams to help organizations forget about bad tech forever.

We take full-cycle care of our clients

Clarity, transparency, and integrity are among the core values of our team at Catware. As such, we don’t just “work on projects”. We bring our experience and expertise to every stage of the development lifecycle. You will have a reliable IT partner with Catware.
First Interaction & Dedicated Manager
  • You share your vision. All mission-sensitive information is protected by an NDA.
  • We assign a dedicated Business Development Manager to your project.
  • Not only will this person become a bridge between you and Catware, but they will also become an extension of your project management team.
Evaluation and scope
  • Our business analysts and solution architects offer the best tech stack and the most fitting team of engineers to turn your vision into reality.
  • We present an estimation of the project’s scope and a clear roadmap of the development process.
Development and testing
  • Development kicks off.
  • Developers work in sprints, each resulting in a piece of working software you can explore and give feedback to.
  • In addition to covering 100% of the code with automated tests, developers work closely with quality assurance to ensure you get the best possible results.
Post-launch support
  • If needed, we take care of ongoing project maintenance, updates, and infrastructure.
  • If developing a business automation solution, our team will provide onboarding and employee training services in a way that does not disrupt your existing workflow.
  • Catware helped us to integrate several innovative systems as one smoothly functioning unit for warehouse optimization so all the processes run seamlessly and unexpected issues can be easily and quickly solved. The installation of the logistics center allows for saving space, optimizing energy consumption, reducing costs, and increasing overall warehouse efficiency. Special attention was paid to sudden problems that may come up and lead to failures. The task was to make sure they can be eliminated without interrupting the workflow. The Catware team proved to be true experts with extensive experience. They came up with ingenious and effective solutions for the final result to completely match our needs and requirements.
    Tommy Kristoffersen
    Software product manager
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  • I can definitely say that the cooperation with Catware was a positive experience. They provided advanced software development services backed by extensive experience in the required area and the ability to meet all our fundamental needs. The working process went smoothly. All the technical solutions were implemented with absolute competence.
    Igor Koudrik
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  • I enjoyed my cooperation with Catware. They were fast to deliver their solution and the pricing was reasonable. But most importantly, I was impressed with the team's proactive approach.
    Torulf Henriksen
    CTO, Partner at Storyline
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  • Catware's proactive approach is what sold me on their services. Their delivery ensured that I made the right call. Catware's services were quick and professional. I can only recommend cooperating with them.
    Martin Sundberg
    Tech consultant/business development manager
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  • I was impressed with Catware's proactive approach. They delivered a viable solution quickly, while matching our requirements (and exploring new ones). Agility and cost-effectiveness are also among Catware's strong sides.
    Cato Haukeland
    Chief Digital Officer at SANDS
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  • Catware managed to scale from one solution architect to a highly professional team of six engineers that perfectly fit VERA project needs in less than a month. They have thoroughly treated security risks, and the onboarding process for a complex legacy project went smoothly. Catware is a team of professionals who completely understand business requirements and execute the technical requirements with total competence.
    Espen Eckbo Brinker
    Head of department of Digitization, ICT and Documentation in Norwegian Civil Affairs Authority
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