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Becoming an IT partner for the Norwegian State Civil Administration

  • Client Norwegian State Civil Administration
  • Scope Our client wanted to move from an outdated, legacy-tech based infrastructure and modernize their IT in accordance to modern standards and practices.
  • Result We took over a legacy project 5 years in prior development and refactored over 100 000 lines of code. Result: 8 different applications — built from scratch or integrated.

Scope of work

Full system maintenance and development

We have upgraded our client from Java 6 to Java 11. This shift has improving the speed of crucial IT components of their infrastructure by 10 times.

Migration to the cloud

As per our competitive analysis of existing cloud service providers we have deduced that migrating to MS Azure would be the right move. We’ve managed the shift and helped the client switch from an on-premise data center to the cloud without disrupting their workflows.

Overall improvements to the system's health

We’ve relied on Elastic to improve the overall health of the client’s systems. This choice has introduced a variety of options for ongoing data analysis and advanced search mechanisms.

Web development

We have developed two web-portals for the client’s users from scratch. This search has increased the client’s productivity as well as the public’s satisfaction with the services of the Norwegian State Civil Administration.

Workflow improvements

We have moved the client’s customer support from email 9which lacked in flexibility and transparency) to a Jira Service Desk system.

GDPR compliance audit

We’ve worked in close cooperation with customer’s legal team in order to ensure complete compliance with GDPR regulations.

Talented Team

  • 1 Solution Architect (Oslo)
  • 3 Senior Java Developers (Kyiv)
  • 1 Senior .NET developer (Kyiv)
  • 1 Senior QA Automation (Kyiv)
  • Icon HTML
  • Icon JavaScript
  • Icon React
  • Icon CSS
  • Icon Angular
  • Icon NodeJS
  • Icon MySQL
  • Icon Terraform
  • Icon Elastic
  • Icon Kubernetes
  • Icon Docker
  • Icon GCP
  • Icon Azure
  • Icon Spring
  • Icon Hibernate
  • Icon MicrosoftNET
  • Icon Java

Client's benefits

  • layers.svg
    System stability: during 6 months after Catware team took over the project number of serious bugs reported dropped from over 50 to less than 10.
  • flatten.svg
    New system status and business metrics monitoring allows the partner to be proactive and not reactive for incoming issues and fix them much faster. Usually even before they will be reported by users.
  • settings.svg
    New service desk solution makes incident management orders of magnitude faster: issues are tracked, reported to developers, and fixed in minutes or hours, not days or weeks.
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    Migration to Microsoft Azure Cloud makes environments more reliable and stable and improves security.
Catware managed to scale from one solution architect to a highly professional team of six engineers that perfectly fit VERA project needs in less than a month. They have thoroughly treated security risks, and the onboarding process for a complex legacy project went smoothly. Catware is a team of professionals who completely understand business requirements and execute the technical requirements with total competence.
Espen Eckbo Brinker
Head of department of Digitization, ICT and Documentation in Norwegian Civil Affairs Authority
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