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How does one find a reliable partner capable of helping businesses overcome most of the challenges associated with custom development? 


Alina Dubovik
25th August |
5 mistakes developers make when working with microservices

Developers often make some mistakes when working with microservices. They are inherent in both beginners and experienced specialists. However, all these mistakes are united by one feature — they can be avoided. Consider 5 common mistakes.

Alina Dubovik
18th August |
Main rules for demonstrating the business value of IT

The time of digital transformation affects all economic sectors — from large to insignificant. Therefore, the implementation of IT solutions becomes something ordinary and even necessary. Information technology is used by the business directly or indirectly. In any case, IT opens up a whole stream of new opportunities for business development.

Alex Siryi
21st February |
Data Privacy is Still A Huge Concern For The legal Industry: 3 Reasons for Why It Is Proving More Challenging

Data privacy proves to be a much larger concern to the M&As. GDPR, while noble in its goal, struggles when it comes to enforcement and execution. These and other factors are a telltale sign that the Legal Industry is still unprepared to face the ‘Brave New World’.

Alex Siryi
11th February |
Referral Marketing Done Right: Pro Tips For Law Firms And Individual Lawyers

Referral marketing is an integral way of promoting a legal business through continuously proving one’s worth, skill, and domain authority. But is it possible to dive deeper and reap more rewards without relying on word of mouth alone?

Alex Siryi
4th February |
What’s a Contract Operations Professional?

As Legal Ops is growing and maturing, we see more and more segmentation with roles that are designed for specific professionals. A Contract Operations Professional is one of those positions. 

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