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How does one find a reliable partner capable of helping businesses overcome most of the challenges associated with custom development? 


Alex Siryi
23rd November |
7 Must-Have Mobile Apps For Practicing Lawyers

Living in a digital age sure has its ups, especially when it comes to improving one’s ability to work on the fly. So, which legal apps should be on a legal professional’s phone in 2021 and beyond?

Alex Siryi
4th November |
Deloitte and Thomson Reuters Form an Alliance Aimed at Empowering Corporate Tax and Legal Departments

NEW YORK, Nov. 4, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Deloitte Tax LLP (“Deloitte Tax”) and Thomson Reuters today announced a strategic alliance to help corporate tax and legal departments across the world.

Alex Siryi
2nd November |
Tech Adoption, Staff, and Software: Where Modern Law Firms Focus Their Resources? 

The fact that the legal industry has changed is undeniable. We are left to wonder how should a law firm adapt and thrive in what seems to be a brand new legal industry? 

Alex Siryi
1st November |
A Shift In Paradigm: Clients Expect More From Their Communication With Lawyers

Clio has recently revealed their 2021 Legal Trend Report. The paper is based on a survey of more than a thousand legal professionals as well as a thousand clients. Clio was gathering insights throughout May and June 2021, so the insights are valid and correspond with the current situation in the legal industry. One of the more peculiar findings of the report is the fact that clients have started to opt for new and meaningful ways of communicating with lawyers via digital means.

Alex Siryi
22nd October |
Leap Of Faith Or Planned Success: How To Start Using Legal Automation In Your Law Firm?

What’s the best way to approach the introduction of efficient automation solution? What are the key steps to take without butchering adoption rates and wasting the lion’s share of one’s budget?

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