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How does one find a reliable partner capable of helping businesses overcome most of the challenges associated with custom development? 


Alex Siryi
22nd December |
A Systematic Approach to Automation in a Law Firm

When thinking about business process automation, most businesses measure whether the game is worth the candles or not. I have a different take on the matter: even the slightest changes will save you and your team viable time. Moreover, someone else is already reaping the benefits of being more productive and client-oriented. To me, the real question is whether or not you can afford to wait.

Marketing tips for law firms
Alex Siryi
2nd December |
Follow These 7 Simple Tips And Your Law Firm Will Gain A Steady Stream Of Leads And Clients Without Investing A Dime

Marketing is a complex subject. Even more so in a complex and competitive environment of the legal industry. And, while throwing money at it seems to do the trick just fine for bigger law firms, there are better, faster, and more efficient ways of getting leads and prospects if you play your cards right.

Alex Siryi
26th November |
Key Trends Law Firms Should Keep A Close Eye On In 2022

We are nearing the end of the highly eventful 2021 and the implications this year has brought will likely make themselves known in 2022 as well. That said, is there anything else a success-oriented law firm should watch out for in the year to come?

Alex Siryi
23rd November |
7 Must-Have Mobile Apps For Practicing Lawyers

Living in a digital age sure has its ups, especially when it comes to improving one’s ability to work on the fly. So, which legal apps should be on a legal professional’s phone in 2021 and beyond?

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