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Legal practice in Europe requires experts to study today’s challenges more carefully. For this, it makes sense to meet with colleagues from time to time and discuss the news of the legal industry and further plans for development and progress. However, legal conferences can be of the most significant benefit to you as a professional.


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Alina Dubovik
21st October |
What is the difference between legal tech and law tech?

Are there any differences between legal tech and law tech? Or are they the same thing? When you are interested in IT technologies in the legal field, you begin to be interested in such questions. The situation becomes even more confusing if you study the features of the two terms in different sources. 

Alina Dubovik
13th October |
Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) in Legal Tech

Distributed ledger technology (DLT) use to share information. It is a distributed registry. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that data is not stored centrally. Instead, a more flexible system is used. The information is updated by the network participant but not only by a central administrator.

Alina Dubovik
6th October |
AI and ML document verification in a law firm

For lawyers, the daily work consists of many tasks, some of which are easy to automate. These are document management, working with clients, and project or personnel management. But there is one more direction that should be optimized. This is the analysis of documents, their verification and comparison, classification, and other working moments in which AI could significantly reduce the burden on lawyers. 

Alina Dubovik
29th September |
Customer Experience (CX) in the Legal Sector

Working with clients in legal tech has its characteristics. Unlike many other industries, lawyers often do not take full advantage of the full benefits of customer experience. Providing legal services, lawyers apply all their professionalism and valuable skills. 

Alina Dubovik
22nd September |
How can legal chatbots increase the efficiency of a law firm?

The problem of routine work is characteristic of almost all companies. Procedures for filling out papers, reports, and administrative tasks take time for qualified employees. Instead of pursuing their paid jobs, lawyers often perform various marketing, financial, and administrative work. 

Alina Dubovik
15th September |
Which departments of a law firm are most easily automated with the help of legal tech?

The transition to automation of routine tasks refers to the primary tasks of optimizing the work of a law firm. If we go into the specifics of the work of such an enterprise, it becomes obvious that it is easier to digitize some departments than the rest.

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