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Instant Document Templates

  • Client Sands, a legal 500 full-service Norwegian law firm
  • Project brief A tailor-made system that simplifies their existing document processing workflow
  • Result 3x increase in speed of creating most types of documents, automated calculations and conditional logic.

Business challenges

Our client came to us with a need to automate the way their employees work with documents. As is, lawyers were spending hours on drafts. This work, by nature, was very repetitive and easily automatable.

The second challenge we were to solve lay in the limitations of Excel tables. The application does not allow for simple use of conditional calculus like, for example, shares distribution. The client’s team was forced to find manual workarounds and struggle with an ever-growing volume of various, error-prone versions of the same file.

Finally, we had to meet high demands of security as the client was working with sensitive data.

Catware’s solutions

Aiming to solve the needs of our client, Catware’s solution architects have come up with an idea to create a web-based instant document templates solution. This way we could provide an efficient workflow on any device with a series of additional business benefits that include, but are not limited to the following:

Productivity boost

Our solution entirely removes the need for manual inputs of repetitive data. Lawyers can simply open the application and choose from a wide selection of pre-made templates.

Workflow optimization

We’ve helped the client’s team with a little bit more than a series of handy templates. The web-based nature of our solution supports far greater versions of collaboration and removes the need to work on multiple versions of the same file.

Simplified calculations

Our addition of complex built-in conditional logic and calculations has automated the workflow with the documents and spreadsheets making both data analytics and complex operations with several converging documents a matter of a few clicks.

Reduced risk of errors

The templates our system generates were tailored with the needs and specifications of our client in mind. They are constructed in a way that does not require any additional editing or data input other than personalized information thus preventing any errors that might creep into a document by accident.

Industry-leading security standards

Our Instant Document Templates application supports two-factor authentication that’s designed to secure access to any and all documents that the client’s employees are working on. Advanced access control mechanisms are designed to limit access to data an employee is allowed to either see or edit. Lastly, version control is designed to add transparency to made edits as well as allow the associates an easy mechanism to remove potential errors and flaws in their documents.

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Our solutions came with

  • flatten.svg
    Seamless integration with existing systems
  • settings.svg
    Advanced log and access control
  • layers.svg
    A wide selection of templates and the ability to pick favorites
  • image.svg
    Intuitive interface with navigation and search mechanisms
  • ae.svg
    Symbols native to Scandinavian languages
  • magic.svg
    Flexibility of a tailor-made solution


Catware’s engineers have managed to automate the process of creating documents and reports thus tripling the speed of work. Our intuitive, user-friendly document templates selection platform didn’t just simplify the workflow, but it also boosted security through the introduction of access control and document version logs.


  • Too much time spent on manual inputs of repetitive data
  • Poor conditional calculation capabilities
  • Too many versions of the same documents
  • Potential security flaws


  • A web-based solution that works well on any platform
  • 3x less time spent on paperwork
  • No more calculations in Excel
  • A boost in security and workflow transparency
  • Substantially lower risk of human errors
I was impressed with Catware's proactive approach. They delivered a viable solution quickly, while matching our requirements (and exploring new ones). Agility and cost-effectiveness are also among Catware's strong sides.
Cato Haukeland
Chief Digital Officer at SANDS
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