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Smooth and flexible IT services for businesses

We help organisations develop custom software, support tech teams, and improve legacy systems.
What we do

We focus on IT so you can focus on your business

Bad tech can kill a thriving business and drown a vibrant team. We make sure this never happens to you. Catware brings flexible and fast analysis and development teams to help organisations forget about bad tech forever.

We take full-cycle care of our clients

Clarity, transparency, and integrity are among the core values of our team at Catware. As such, we don’t just “work on projects”. We bring our experience and expertise to every stage of the development lifecycle. You will have a reliable IT partner with Catware.

First Interaction & Dedicated Manager
  • You share your vision. All mission-sensitive information is protected by an NDA.
  • We assign a dedicated Business Development Manager to your project.
  • Not only will this person become a bridge between you and Catware, but they will also become an extension of your project management team.
Evaluation and scope
  • Our business analysts and solution architects offer the best tech stack and the most fitting team of engineers to turn your vision into reality.
  • We present an estimation of the project’s scope and a clear roadmap of the development process.
Development and testing
  • Development kicks off.
  • Developers work in sprints, each resulting in a piece of working software you can explore and give feedback to.
  • In addition to covering 100% of the code with automated tests, developers work closely with quality assurance to ensure you get the best possible results.
Post-launch support
  • If needed, we take care of ongoing project maintenance, updates, and infrastructure.
  • If developing a business automation solution, our team will provide onboarding and employee training services in a way that does not disrupt your existing workflow.
  • Catware klarte å skalere fra en løsningsarkitekt til et meget profesjonelt team med seks ingeniører som passet perfekt til VERAs prosjektbehov, på mindre enn en måned. De har behandlet sikkerhetsrisikoer grundig, og onboarding prosessen for et stort og komplekst prosjekt gikk helt smertefritt. Catware er et team med profesjonelle som forstår bedriftenes behov og utfører de tekniske kravene med høy kompetanse.
    Espen Eckbo Brinker
    Seksjonssjef Digitalisering, IKT og Dokumentasjon i Statens Sivilrettsforvaltning
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Who we are

Norwegian standards with Ukrainian tech talent

Catware is a Norwegian IT consulting company with headquarters in Oslo and development offices in both Norway and Ukraine.

We offer a unique delivery model with Norwegian managers coordinating the work of Ukrainian developers. This model has proved excellent at bridging our Norwegian clients' expectations with the tech expertise of our Ukrainian team members.

Leadership Team


Petro Krasnomovets

Petro Krasnomovets
Petro holds double Master's degree and loves playing squash.

Alexandra Khrenova

Alexandra Khrenova
Alexandra was a conference interpreter and sings in a choir.
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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I get a quote for my project?

Write us an email to [email protected], book a meeting with Alexandra or use a form up there ☝️. Give us the overall project description, requirements, specification, timeline or any other relevant info for us to better understand your needs. Our business development manager will get back to you to make sure that every aspect is clear to us. Depending on the project we'll send you a proposal in a matter of hours or days. It will include a timeline and a budget breakdown.

Do you sign an NDA?

Sure! You can send us yours or we can use our standard agreement.

How can I trust you?

We are a Norwegian company based in Oslo. We are trusted by the Norwegian public sector — Norwegian State Civil Administration is one of our long-term clients. We can provide reviews and give contacts for a reference check. If you are in Oslo you can always have a coffee with Petro, our CEO (of course, adhering to social distancing measures).

How do I control the project?

Transparency is one of our core values. Every client gets a dedicated account manager who makes sure communication goes smoothly during the whole project. You'll get access to all project management and communication tools, where you can track progress and give feedback. In the end, it all depends on what involvement do you want to have — it may be participating in every standup or getting a weekly status update and feedback sessions with the account manager. Let us know what suites you best.

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