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How much can your law firm save with Catware?

Let’s face it – increased client demands, higher pressure for more competitive rates, and the endless arms race with the competition have finally changed the status quo in the legal industry. The scales have permanently shifted in favor of automation. That said, rethinking current business processes is one thing, but knowing how much you’ll get from the initial investment is a much more nutritious food for thought.

Find out the potential cost savings (ROI) you can make from relying on Catware’s expertise in the domain of automation for legal companies. 

On average, an associate spends at least 6 hours per week on repetitive tasks & data entry
The average lawyer spends 14.5 hours per week on administrative tasks
The average employee spends 2 hours a week for consolidating & analyzing forms data
On average, lawyers and associates spends 5-8 hours a week searching & gathering information

Your estimated Cost Savings (ROI) per year

Note: Catware can save 70% of the time spent on repetitive tasks & data entry, consolidating & analyzing forms data, searching for vital info in emails & files and tracking tasks & projects manually.
Total Savings = ( No. of employees * 0.7 * ( hours spent on repetitive task & data entry + tracking tasks & projects manually + report generation & analytics + searching for vital info in emails & files ) * 52 weeks * ( avg.hourly wage/employee in USD ) ) – cost of development
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Alexandra Khrenova
Alexandra Khrenova
Chief Business Development Officer