How can legal chatbots increase the efficiency of a law firm?

Petro Krasnomovets
22nd September |

The problem of routine work is characteristic of almost all companies. Procedures for filling out papers, reports, and administrative tasks take time for qualified employees. Instead of pursuing their paid jobs, lawyers often perform various marketing, financial, and administrative work. 

This leads to the fact that often specialists work more than planned. For example, according to the Legal Trends Report 2018, lawyers on average recycle 140 hours a year. 

The presence of a chatbot allows you to reduce the time of work of lawyers by optimizing the work with clients. According to the statistics of the Legal Trends Report 2020, 79% of new potential clients of a law firm expect a response within a day after sending a request. It can be difficult for a specialist to answer personally at this time, but a chatbot can respond within a few seconds, thus without losing new customers. 

Advantages of legal chatbots

Here are a few benefits of chatbots that will help improve the efficiency of a law firm: 

  • The ability to gather together the most common simple customer questions and automate the answers;
  • Organization of a simple and flexible system of booking legal advice in just a couple of clicks;
  • The best customer-oriented experience. The presence of a chatbot at the company increases its competitiveness, allows you to flexibly set up communication with people, and create really interesting solutions. 

In the work of a law firm, a chatbot is a convenient tool that can take on routine tasks. It’s available 24/7 and makes it easy to spare attorneys the need to respond to clients after hours. The chatbot can also be configured to generate some legal documents. Just a few minutes of communication with the client to collect information and the document is ready. 

Chatbots and increased profits of companies

As we have already said, the chatbot provides a quick response time to the client’s request. And fast response times increase conversion rates. This helps to attract potential clients and automatically direct them to the right lawyer or specialist. 

Directly from the site, a person with his questions gets to a professional, he does not have to wait or waste time on various formalities. The chatbot knows the main requests of the site audience. And all this happens automatically. Lawyers do not waste their time constantly answering dozens of similar questions. 

It turns out that the chatbot warms up a potential client and immediately processes his request. Therefore, the visitor prefers to stay on your site. If you use a chatbot to book a meeting with a lawyer, this allows you to consolidate the result as soon as possible. 

Having a chatbot to create personalized client documents is just as important as having a tool to communicate with visitors. Standardized data collection through automation will simplify the lives of not only the company’s lawyers but also its clients. You no longer need to spend time going to a lawyer for documents for business. 

The service generates them, and the client receives the necessary papers, cheaper and faster than a full-fledged meeting with a lawyer in the office. And if a visitor wants to get legal advice, he can notify about it through the same chatbot that will help the client to make an appointment.

The intuitive interface of the chatbot serves as a more effective substitute for manual data entry through boring and sometimes incomprehensible forms. This approach tells the client that the company is interested in him and appreciates his time. Therefore, the visitor has more arguments in favor of choosing your law firm.

If we consider more complex automated tools, it is worth noting the advantage of hosting chatbots for viewing and analyzing legal documents. Using document validation services will help you view and analyze them faster based on the documents in the database. The use of chatbots for due diligence is also another example of deeper automation. Such tools involve extensive analysis and processing of a huge amount of data. This ensures the automation of the work of the lawyer who prepares the report. More time will be saved for other paid tasks. This means that the productivity of a law firm grows along with the productivity of lawyers.

Legal chatbots are an important solution that allows you to better meet the needs of your customers. And thanks to it, you can also optimize the work time of specialists, freeing them from routine tasks.